Analytic Solutions
for Sustainable Capitalism

Helping organizations calculate their real environmental and social impacts, and converting them into financial risks for capital planning

Our Solutions

Whether an organization is considering a sustainability strategy, working to improve their sustainability reporting system, managing an investment portfolio, or governing a community – impact matters.

We enable organizations to accurately assess and define their impacts. These impacts translate to an improved view of their financial risks, which can be actioned.  Organizations who understand and allocate resources to reach their target impact, will be more resilient, increase profits, and improve stakeholder wellbeing. 

Our unique three step Solutions Approach enables companies to:
  1. Assess impacts
  2. Create fair targets
  3. Quantify financial risk 
This approach can be applied to a single substance like GHG, water, or others across an operation, division, region, or facility.
Our approach leverages existing frameworks to accelerate custom solutions for any organization.
The Wellbeing Analytics Dashboard below shows:
  1. Performance in terms of megawatt hours of electricity produced
  2. Real impacts in terms of CO2 emissions
  3. Target impacts based on what it would take to meet sector goals
  4. Financial risks associated with distance from target based on carbon pricing scenarios for energy producing companies

Regardless of whether carbon is priced for next year, in 5 years, or in 20 years, in today’s volatile business climate organizations can no longer afford to operate without knowing contingent liabilities accruing to their current performance.

The same holds true for water consumption, land use, contaminant release, employment practices, and all the other ways organizations impact the stakeholders around them.

Our Technology

Our technology is comprised of a multi-layered Wellbeing Analytics Framework, combining model components, data, and algorithms, that can be tailored to any organization and made extensible on any data platform – relational, graph, GIS, or grid, cloud-hosted, and/or local.

It is based on decades of research and real-world application, designed to be tailored to your existing analytics to convert near-market environmental and social factors into financial measures of risk.  These risks can be combined with all kinds of traditional business financials from project risk assessment to capital budgeting.

Wellbeing Analytics Framework

Our Audience

Companies looking to embed Sustainability

Let’s review your business goals, define your sustainability roadmap, and build a sustainability practice you can use to inform capital planning and decision making to improve your bottom line next quarter.

Investors evaluating investment portfolio risk

Let’s improve risk probability. Together we will establish new evaluation investment criteria and frameworks to improve risk definition during pre-analysis and hold phases leading to higher evaluations.

Enterprises working to tie ESG to Finance

Let’s establish a wellbeing analytics framework. This will allow you to automate impact evaluation using established nomenclature, connecting ESG to your financial balance sheets.

Communities trying to improve wellbeing

Let’s leverage evidence-based decision making that improves resource allocation ROI across applicable domains to align profitable economic activity with positive externalities for your community.

Our Founders

rob web

Rob Lindner

Conservation Scientist
and Sustainability Innovator

Rob is a conservation scientist with a passion for connecting the services nature provides to society and markets. He is a respected leader in integrating a socioecological systems approach to support organizational decision-making. His path from a family in food production and processing, to studying wildlife and their systems, led him full circle to focusing on the drivers of conservation need – society and its impacts. His advice is sought after by non-profits, governments, and businesses alike.

erik web

Erik Thomsen

AI, Analytics
and Sustainability Innovator

Erik is a world authority in the field of multidimensional information systems, an internationally recognized expert in the application of logic to information systems, and a well-known innovator in ontologically-grounded approaches to AI and to socio-economic-environmental applications where he has spearheaded new approaches to Wellbeing Analytics that support resource allocation decisions. Erik speaks on panels and at events around the world.

mathew web

Mathew Wendell

Product Innovation
and Sustainability Leader

Mathew is a product-minded innovator and expert facilitator with a passion for bringing together multi-discipline backgrounds to drive sustainability innovation. He leverages over 25 years of experience, starting in electrical engineering and product strategy, to eventually co-founding multiple startups. He was a Partner in IBM Consulting in his most recent role. Mathew brings a human-centered design approach to technology solutions and partnerships.

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